Kezdőlap Egyéb Fan made cucc: Solarion, Spear of Valor

Fan made cucc: Solarion, Spear of Valor


Caleb Neal készítette az alábbi impozáns Diablo-relikviát, mely nem más, mint Imperius legendás dárdája, a Solarion. A tovább után még két képet találtok, igazán lenyűgöző darab. Amennyiben ti is készítetek Diablo témájú tárgyakat, ne féljetek megosztani szerény közösségünkkel.


Solarion, Spear of Valor 2

Solarion, Spear of Valor

Solarion, Spear of Valor 3


This week’s community spotlight shines on Caleb Neal, a Blizzard game enthusiast who also happens to be one hell of a prop artist. Whether you’re on Team Angiris Council, a costumer yourself, or just want to see some great Diablo fan art, you won’t want to miss his rendition of the archangel Imperius’ weapon of choice. Check it out below.

(For more images of Solarion, the Spear of Valor, click here.)

While it may not have been forged in the heart of a dying star or felled scores of demons alongside the Heavenly Host, this replica is certainly worth of its namesake. To learn more about this piece and other works in progress by Caleb Neal, head on over to his website at