Kezdőlap Hírek Mystic és egyéb

Mystic és egyéb



Végre kaptunk pontos infót arról, hogy hogyan működik jelen fejlesztésben a Mystic rerollja (amit tartsunk észben, hogy ez még mindig belső tesztelés alatt áll, szóval ez bármikor változhat):

Elmész a Mystic-hez –> Kiválasztod az affix-et amit re-rollolni szeretnél –> megkapod random generált új affixek egy listáját –> választasz egyetlen affixet a listáról –> fizeted az anyagköltségeket –> a régi affixet felülírja az új affix –> profitálsz.

Az még mindig kérdés, hogy engedjék-e ugyanazt az affixet többször rerollolni,és ha igen akkor skálázódjon-e az összeg stb. Minden esetre azt is megtudhattuk, hogy ezek az újrarollolt affixek a karakter szintjéhez lesznek mérve és nem az item szintjét fogja figyelembe venni a rendszer (így akár egy lvl 11-es itemet is vonzóvá tehetünk lvl 60-as karakterek számára). Persze a kékben nem győzik hangsúlyozni, hogy ezek a dolgok még erős fejlesztés alatt állnak és bármikor változhatnak.

The way enchanting works right now (which, bear in mind, may change as we continue internal testing and receive feedback) is that you’d get to choose which affix you re-roll. So the process would be something like: visit Mystic –> select affix to re-roll –> get randomly-generated list of new affixes –> chose single affix from list –> pay material cost –> old affix replaced with new affix –> profit. The plan, at the moment at least, is to make an item account-bound if it’s enchanted.

We’re still tinkering with the actual costs and mechanics, as well as some remaining niggly details (like can you re-roll the same affix over and over? should the costs scale with each affix you re-roll? if yes, how much? etc) which is why we haven’t done a grand reveal of the Mystic just yet.

Hey that’s cool, instead of just a direct reroll of some crap affix then stuck with a worse item like ‘why did I ever do this..’ you’ll be selecting your own fate? Sweet, now the devs are using their thinking caps when it comes to items!
We’ll see how everything pans out, but that’s just the current thinking. As with all features in game development, it’s very likely enchanting will undergo some changes before it ships (for various reasons: feedback, technical issues, balance issues, etc). I just wanted to share an idea of how this particular service of the Mystic might feel and maybe even generate some discussion on the topic. 🙂

i’d like to learn more about the “randomly generated list of new affixes”. What will they include?
No details to share right now! I’m totally going to be “that guy” and encourage you to stay tuned. (I know, I know. At least I didn’t drop a “soon,” right? :P) (forrás)

Does anyone know if you can upgrade your item levels with the Mystic?
Reason I ask is because I’m sure that some people (myself included) have legendaries that they are very happy with the effects on but that we don’t particularly want to have to re-hunt for new versions at level 70 (specifically skill cost reduction gear, cause -19 Meteor cost is hard to get).
This is a great question, and I have an answer that might make some of you happy. Right now, we’re currently looking at having it so that when you re-roll an affix through Enchanting, the new roll is based on your character level. So, you could re-roll a core stat (as an example) on a lower-level item, and make that item a lot more appealing to a higher level character. This will allow you to continue to use gear that you’re otherwise outgrowing, and help extend the life on some of those awesome items.

Enchanting is still a work in progress, though, so some of these details might change.

I understand that you can re-roll an affix. But can base armour and base weapon damage be re-rolled as well?
A lot of the details regarding Enchanting are still being finalized, and we’ll be sure to share more information about it as time goes on. We know there are a lot of questions (like this) to be discussed, and we look forward to talking more about it when we can. (forrás)

A konzolos előrendelők kaptak kétféle ruhafestéket, amik újra felhasználhatóak (ugyanazok, mint a PC-s gyűjtői festékek).

Are the dyes from ore-order one time use?
The Account Bound “Bottled Cloud Dye” and “Bottled Smoke Dye” that you received with you pre-order are indeed reusable. 🙂

 Lylirra újból tisztázta, hogy a loot 2.0 egy kiegészítő előtti patch-el jön majd és a konzolosok jelenlegi játék verziója nem tartalmazza a loot2.0-át, sem a loot runokat és paragon 2.0-t sem mivel ezek kiegészítős, illetve kiegészítő előtti ingyenes tartalmak lesznek. Információkat is fognak ezekről szivárogtatni, szép lassan ahogy halad majd a fejlesztés.

And now you too think it funny to reply and reply only to see how many variations of “nothing more, nothing less” you can come up with, barring having some actual info to share?
No humor intended. Just clarity. Players shouldn’t read into the Games of Thrones reference; the only connection it has with Josh’s response is a shared sentence structure. No need to dig any deeper (unless you just enjoy that kind of thing, in which case–hey, knock yourself out).

Beyond that, like I noted earlier, we don’t have any additional details to share about Loot 2.0 right now. Many of the features Josh spoke about at gamescom (the Mystic, new Legendary items, targeted Legendaries, adjusted drop rates, etc) are still being developed or tweaked, so there’s not a whole lot more we can sink our teeth into at the moment. You can fully expect some sort of write-up, though, as development moves forward, more forum posts certainly, and we’re even looking into doing some Twitch streams so we can show off changes within the actual game environment. We also want to make sure that players have an opportunity to provide feedback before any of these changes go live.

Additionally, just to make sure there isn’t any confusion, we’re not looking at releasing our itemization update for PC (a.k.a Loot 2.0) until the pre-expansion patch at the earliest. I know we’ve communicated that in previous posts, but I feel like it’s good to call out again. We don’t have a date set for that yet, but we’ll be sure to keep everyone as updated as possible in the meantime. (forrás)

My question though is Paragon 2.0 if it is indeed in the console version then why can’t we have it on the PC version as there is no difference in the Paragon System between the two versions. I understand you all want to ship it all together but I think if anything were to come earlier it should be Paragon 2.0 as how it works should be the same on both versions of the game as can’t see how it can be different between the two.
If there is a big difference as to how it will work on the Console and PC version can you please share what it is? Thank you.
Looks a few information streams got crossed. 🙂

Paragon 2.0, Loot Runs, Nephalem Trials — none of these features are in the console version of Diablo III which just released today. These changes are currently under development for Reaper of Souls (though many of them will likely be released for free as part of a pre-expansion patch).

Hope that helps clear things up a bit! (forrás)