Kezdőlap Patch 1.0.7 hamarosan

1.0.7 hamarosan


A fejlesztők elárulták, hogy az 1.0.7 nemsokára a live szerverekre fog kerülni, pontos dátumot még nem adtak.

Not much longer now

I would give you an ETA if I could, but I will not risk the wrath of the community and having my soul cursed into the afterlife if any ETA I provided turns out not to be accurate 🙂

To be more serious though, I cannot give you an ETA yet because the release date we are aiming for is still set as tentative.

“Not much longer now” == “Soon” ? 😀
Hmm… Soon doesn’t quite cut it. I would rather say it’s sooner than soon, but maybe not soon enough 😉

Update: Holnap érkezik az 1.0.7-s Patch minden régióban.

Patch 1.0.7 is currently scheduled to release tomorrow in all regions.