Kezdőlap Hírek Christian Lichtner és Jason Bender a PvP-ről

Christian Lichtner és Jason Bender a PvP-ről


Christian Lichtner ls Jason Bender a PvP-ről meséltek 1-2 érdekes dolgot a VG247 munkatársainak.A PvP lényege a Diablo 3-ban a móka és szórakozás lesz, nem lesznek tárgyjutalmak, hogy a PvM játékos ne legyen kényszerítve arra, ha jobb tárgyjutalmak miatt a PvP-t kellene erőltetnie.Továbbá (mint az közismert-a szerk.) a Diablo lényege a PvM egyedül vagy barátokkal.Bizonyos PvP-re is alkalmas skillek, pl. amik lassítanak, Stunolnak (letaglóznak) etc. PvP-ben kisebb hatással fognak rendelkezni, a Counter spellek viszont nagyobb hangsúlyt fognak kapni.Valamilyen szinten lesz Balance is a PvP-ben, de nem fog a PvM rovására menni, hisz az a fő célja a játéknak.(A PvP a D3-ban több több elleni harcra lesz kihegyezve, jelenleg 3v3 van a játékba beépítve.-a szerk.)

Christian Lichtner: It’s definitely more of a Call of Duty-style progression speaking very generally. Part of the reason is that we want to make sure you’re playing PVP for the right reasons. We want PVP to be inherently fun. And Diablo is primarily a PVE game – cooperative with lots of loot, right? We don’t think the best way to get loot should be to grind in PVP and be like “Well, I don’t really like PVP, but it’s where I get the best loot.” We really want to make sure you’re playing PVP just because it’s fun and for bragging rights. We intend to support it, but really, PVE and cooperative is where the loot’s at.

Christian Lichtner: think our focus is very much on the PVE experience. The point of PVP is more for players to really beat the crap out of each other. It’s fun! And like we said before, you can’t feasibly balance 97 billion builds. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t gonna be some of that happening. I just think it’s being realistic. It’s not even the point of the whole PVP experience.

Jason Bender: So we do balance it. The numbers are different from PVE. We’ve been balancing it for a while, and crowd control stuff tends to be reduced. Counters are emphasized. But we don’t want to sacrifice PVE balance under any circumstances for the PVP game. Diablo is about running through the world, beating stuff up with your friends cooperatively, getting the next best sword – you know, what have you. That’s our primary mission. And it just happens that all these game mechanics are fun to play in a team-based environment. It’s a little more freeform PVP experience.

There will be balance. But we’re really not worried about trying to get the optimal build for each class figured out before the day-one launch, because it’s a different beast. StarCraft is about that: really tightly balanced beautiful strategy, so they emphasize that. We prioritize an experience that’s easy to get into, and you just can’t help but have fun.