Kezdőlap Hírek Új Community Manager a Blizzard fórumokon

Új Community Manager a Blizzard fórumokon


Bashiok bemutatta a nagyérdeműnek az új Community Managert, Kaivaxot. Mostantól tőle is csurranhat-cseppenhet néhány apró hírmorzsa a Diablo 3-ról.Köszöntsük hát mi is békességgel.

Please join me in welcoming Kaivax, our newest community manager!

Kaivax brings with him a wealth of game and community experience. A self proclaimed Diablo-lover (aren’t we all?) he’s also eager for the 1.3 StarCraft II patch, continuing to work up the ladder, and getting those last few achievements. In addition his experience in the World of Warcraft community will surely be invaluable as we move into 4.1 and beyond. He’ll be here with the rest of us, day in and day out to collect your feedback, talk about the games, shout out on Twitter and Facebook, and write up articles for the front page blog.

If taken correctly Kaivax can provide a sense of calm and euphoria. In a small number of cases Kaivax caused eye irritation and a sense of bewilderment. Taking Kaivax while raging may result in a loss of appetite and posting privileges. Consult your code of conduct before challenging Kaivax. If Kaivax posts more than four times, consult a blue tracker.