Kezdőlap Hírek Jay Wilson sajtótájékozató

Jay Wilson sajtótájékozató


Jay Wilson a Blizzcon 2011-n tartott sajtótájékozatótjából két újdonásággal lettünk gazdagabbak:


  • A Wizard és a Witch Doctor skilljei mostmár fegyveralapú, tehát fizikai sebzést kaptak, hogy megelőzzék a félreérthető helyzeteket, mikor dönteni kellett tárgytulajdonságok esetében mire hat pl. az increased damage (megnövelt sebzés)  spell damage-re (varázslat sebzés), weapon damage-re (fegyver sebzés) vagy mindkettőre hat-e.
  • A Hardcore mód megnyitásához először végig kell vinnünk a játékot softcore módban normalon egyszer, ahogy a Diablo 2 esetében is volt.


Q. Now that all spells are dependent on weapon speed and damage, are you getting rid of spell damage and increased cast rate?
Jay Wilson: We are getting rid of increased cast rate, and increased weapon rate will replace it. Spell damage was a stat that only really appeared to the Witch Doctors and Wizards, we probably made this change for 2 reasons. The major one was we found casters were not valuing their weapons, that was a big problem with Diablo 2. The second one was Witch Doctor and Wizard randomly generated affixes were very confusing, our testers were coming back with questions like “What’s the math on this, when you say 20% increased damage does it apply to base damage, to spell damage?” If you can’t understand it and can’t understand which one is better than the other then that’s a bad thing.Q. Do you have to play through softcore to unlock hardcore?
Jay Wilson: Oooh, good question, yes, you will have to play through to a certain point to unlock hardcore mode, I think it’s through normal difficulty after you kill the end boss. I’m like 90% sure, so we could change our minds.