Kezdőlap Hírek Hivatalos Book of Cain megjelenés: 2011. dec. 13.

Hivatalos Book of Cain megjelenés: 2011. dec. 13.


A Book of Cain megjelenési dátuma sokat változott az elmúlt hónapokban, most azonban itt a végleges dátum 2011. dec. 13 az USA-ban. Európában később várható a megjelenés. A könyvet előrendelhetitek az Amazon európai oldalán, ára kb. 20 euró lesz.

Book of Cain borító

Blizzard Entertainment and Insight Editions announce the December 13, 2011 launch of Diablo III: Book of Cain, a lavishly illustrated tome that chronicles the origins and history of the demon-plagued world of Sanctuary as told by the scholar Deckard Cain, one of the key characters in Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo universe. Filled with breathtaking art commissioned exclusively for the book by some of the world’s most renowned fantasy artists, Book of Cain serves as Diablo players’ ultimate guide to the dark mythology and sinister mysteries surrounding Sanctuary and the Eternal Conflict.
Designed to look like an in-world artifact from the Diablo universe, Book of Cain conveys the games’ rich lore through an exciting first-person account. The story begins as Cain leaves his journal to his adopted daughter, Leah, passing along the tale of Sanctuary’s creation and the eternal war that rages between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells. Book of Cain chronicles the rise of the Zakarum, the traditions of the Horadrim, the genesis and geography of Sanctuary, and the key moments in the world’s history-such as the destruction of Tristram-that set the stage for the events of Blizzard’s upcoming action-RPG Diablo III. Containing dozens of sketches, Cain’s footnotes, and a hand-drawn map of Sanctuary, this comprehensive tome promises to give readers a deeper understanding of the mysterious Diablo universe.