Kezdőlap Béta Diablo 3 Beta Patch 9

Diablo 3 Beta Patch 9


A Blizzardnál nem serénykednek a javítócsomagok gyártásával, ezúttal egy adag hotfixet (hibajavítást) találunk benne.


Diablo III Beta Patch 9 – v.

Bug Fixes
Your BattleTag code will now properly appear in the Add Friend dialog box
Fixed an issue with promoting players to Party Leader via in-game portraits
Fixed an issue where sending out in-game invites to multiple players could sometimes cause the Party Leader’s client to freeze when the invites were accepted
Fixed an issue where interacting with a character’s banner in a co-op game could cause a player to become momentarily stuck
Fixed an issue where rapidly equipping and un-equipping items from your inventory could sometimes cause the inventory UI to lag out
Fixed an issue where quickly adding items from a full inventory into the shared stash would not always move the items over correctly
Fixed a number of additional issues and crashes that were affecting gameplay