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PvP hírmorzsák


Azt tudjuk, hogy a fejlesztők keményen dolgoznak a PvP rendszeren, de a zárt ajtók mögé nemigen láthatunk be. Bashiok nyilatkozot egy rövidet a leenedő párosításról, amiből kiderült, hogy a Diablo az Élő-pontrendszert (Angolul is, akik nem bíznak a magyar fordításban.) fogja használni. Ezt használják többek között a profi sakk versenyeken is és nem mellesleg egy magyar ember (Élő Árpád) volt aki megálmodta a rendszert.

Stop spreading this misinformation. Blizzard has said multiple times, THERE WILL BE MATCHMAKING BASED ON YOUR GEAR.

More specifically, based off of your win/loss record. It’s not dissimilar from the matchmaker found in StarCraft II, which is based off of the Elo system used for Chess championships. Your win/loss and who they were against determines a ‘skill rating’, which is used to match up against other players of a similar rating. The intent is to get an even/fair match. Regardless of any individual factors like build, gear, or player ability, you’ll find some equilibrium where you’re facing off against players that you’re about as likely to beat as you are to lose. If getting better gear raises your abilities then you’re simply matched against players of a higher rating. Changing builds or just getting better at PvP could have the same effect. But regardless if you move up or down you’re ultimately still netting around a 50/50 win/loss as you’re always matching against similarly rated players.

Umm… that rating system wont work. You can’t use ratio, because someone fighting harder opponents will have the same ratio that someone fighting weaker opponents will have. It would be like pairing up professional baseball players against little leaguers simply because they have the same team batting average and era. It’s not a fair fight.

Oh no, it’s not based on ratio. Look up the Elo system, I’m sure there’s a wiki that can explain it better than I could.

Jelenleg az 1.0.4-en dolgoznak teljes erőbedobással a fejlesztők, amiről hamarosan kapunk egy összefoglalót. Az egyelőre még ismeretlen, hogy a PvP-ről mikor kapunk új információkat.

I don’t want to squash any excitement about PvP, because we think it’s going to be a lot of fun, but a lot of the details are still in flux. We’re focusing on 1.0.4, and once that’s behind us we’ll be a lot closer to sharing some more concrete details on the “PvP patch” as they solidify.

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