Kezdőlap Hírek A Blizzard is részt vesz az idei Pax Prime-n

A Blizzard is részt vesz az idei Pax Prime-n


A Blizzard is részt vesz az idei, most hétvégén megrendezett Pax Prime-n, Seattleben. Sajnos saját standot nem hoznak magukkal, ám az Intel és az Nvidia standjánál  a kíváncsiak beszédbe elegyedhetnek Zarhymmal, Bashiokkal, Nethareaval ill. Vaeflare community managerekkel. Ezenkívül lesz MoP bétakulcsosztás is, meg játszható demók. Ezúttal  Diablo 3 ügyben ne számítsunk semmire ezen a rendezvényen. Amennyiben van olyan szerencsés, aki ellátogat a rendezvényre, megoszthatná velünk élményeit.


PAX Prime begins this Friday in Seattle, WA, and with all of the madness that’s sure to ensue we’d be remiss if we didn’t make a cameo of our own. We do hope you’ll come visit Bashiok and me at the Intel booth, and Nethaera and Vaeflare at the NVIDIA booth. You can’t miss us. We’ll be the bright-eyed idealists ready to share a conversation or two.

In addition to what Intel and NVIDIA have planned, we’ll have hundreds of Mists of Pandaria beta keys to randomly giveaway, as well as playable demos at both booths! We look forward to meeting with those of you attending. All Seattle’s a stage.

Follow us on Twitter to see what we’re up to and chat with us during the festivities:

@Bashiok, @Nethaera, @Vaeflare, @CM_Zarhym

View the full event map (Intel booth 6109; NVIDIA booth 3747).

one mention of MoP is one too many
Let it go. I mentioned Mists because that’s what NVIDIA and Intel will be using at their demo stations. If you’re going to PAX and you want to talk about Diablo III, you come see us.

Holy crap—you guys do know what kind of abuse you guys are setting yourselves up for, right? LOL I’d take a handgun, pepper spray, and a broadsword. D3 fans are fanatics!
I’ve found that people tend to be more… agreeable… in person. 🙂