Kezdőlap Hírek Újra él a “halálos Tristram bug”, figyelmeztetés a HC játékosoknak

Újra él a “halálos Tristram bug”, figyelmeztetés a HC játékosoknak


Sajnos újra él a “Halálos Tristram bug”, így amíg javítják, addig fokozottan figyeljenek a hardcore játékosok. A hiba elhárításán jelenleg is dolgoznak a Blizzard emberei. A bug lényege, hogy Tristramba behúzzák a játékosok a monstereket tömegével, majd új embert invelnek be, ami magasabb monster levelen instant halált jelent. A hibát elviekben már 1.0.3-ban javították, de csak Tristram egyik kapuját javították akkor. A főkolompost banolták már, de azért legyen óvatos az ember, és ne fogadjon el játékmeghívást olyan embertől, akiben nem bízik meg.


Grimiku: We all know that playing public games in Hardcore can be risky (any time you involve other people, that becomes the case), and I hope everyone is being extra careful when they do.

Not the first thing you want to see in a new HC game.
@CodSack As a fellow Hardcore player who’s lost a few high-level characters, I’m really sorry this happened to you. We all know that it’s likely that we’ll eventually die in Hardcore (sometimes due to circumstances we can’t even control), and that it’s permanent when it happens, but it doesn’t change the fact that losing a hero can be pretty hard. I can only imagine how frustrating this was for you, but I hope it doesn’t dampen your spirits too much or turn you away from the Hardcore community. Generally, it’s full of awesome people who genuinely love the play style, and only want to help out their fellow Nephalem. I hope this has primarily been your experience too.

I know you’re concerned with ensuring this kind of situation doesn’t happen again (to you or to other players), so I want to let you know that we’re passing along the feedback from this thread to the appropriate people who can evaluate it and decide what to do. Along those lines, it’s also helpful to report this kind of behavior whenever you see it using the right click > Report option, so that our Customer Support staff can investigate the situation itself and anyone involved. Unless we receive a report, we can’t really look into the issue and/or see if there’s any way that we can assist.