Kezdőlap Hírek Lylirra: Josh nem úgy gondolta…

Lylirra: Josh nem úgy gondolta…



Lylirra megpróbálja megmagyarázni Josh “loot 2.0 is coming” tweetjét: elméletileg a tweetet kiragadták teljes szövegkörnyezetéből ugyanis ez arra a kérdésre volt válasz, hogy a konzolos loot változtatások PC-n is élnek-e majd. Josh arra próbálta rávezetni a kérdezőt, hogy “igen, a loot 2.0-val jönnek ezek a változtatások”. Mindezt Game of Thrones stílusban tette “Winter is coming” innen jött Josh ötlete, hogy így fogalmazza meg a kérdésre a választ: “Loot 2.0 is coming”.

Oh man. Josh is such a tease. 🙂

We’ve no additional info to share about Loot 2.0 right now, including when those changes will be released, but we’ll definitely be revealing more and more in the coming weeks/months–so stay tuned! As the developers have noted, we’ll likely have more details to discuss at BlizzCon, as well.

(I know, I know. I’m a party pooper, but I didn’t want rumors to go a-flyin’.)

Okay, so! Just followed-up with Josh regarding the context for that tweet (since all the links seemed to be lacking exactly what he was responding to).

The tweet was in response to whether or not the loot improvements/changes seen in the console version of Diablo III would be coming to PC. The answer is yes, that many of those improvements/changes will be coming with Loot 2.0 (which actually inspired a lot of the updates to itemization for console). As for the tone of Josh’s tweet, think Game of Thrones!  (forrás)

What does the Game of Thrones line mean?
Lylirra already explained the meaning behind Josh’s tweet, and the fact that many of the improvements/changes seen in the console version of Diablo III will be coming to PC with Loot 2.0. That’s it. There’s nothing more to read in it. Josh’s tweet was simply meant to emulate the cadence of a popular quote (“Winter is Coming”) from Game of Thrones.

If you’re interested in the Game of Thrones series specifically, you’re welcome to pursue discussion of it in our Books and Comics forum or Movies, TV, and Entertainment forums.

. . . . .Hodor?

Bad day ma’am? You usually play along gleefully rather than an outright shut it down. I guess since there’s nothing more to read into it you should /threadend this?
A great day, actually! I just want to make sure folks aren’t reading into a quote more than they ought to. 🙂

(As a personal aside: I fully and completely support indulging in all things Game of Thrones.)

Let US and Lylirra speak for ourselves!
Hodor. (forrás)

Egy felháborodott fórumozó (talán pont innen ment valaki a hivatalos fórumra? :D) hangot adott bánatának miszerint a PC-seket elhanyagolják és a konzolosoknak már most olyan javításaik vannak, amik PC-n még mindig hiányoznak. Válaszul azt kapta, hogy a Loot 2.0 PC-re hamarabb fog jönni és ebben sokkal-sokkal több minden lesz, mint ami a jelenlegi konzol verzióban van, mindemellett a Loot 2.0 még mindig fejlesztés alatt áll.


TL;DR: Because Loot 2.0 (which is made up of up a variety of different features and changes) is still in development.

Something to keep in mind is that, not only does Loot 2.0 encompass a larger number of changes than those made for the console version, but it’s also intended to complement other system updates that will likely have an affect on the item game, things like skill re-balancing, Paragon 2.0, and the addition of features like Loot Runs and Nephalem Trials (which are still in development, too). While we could implement some things here and there in a very piecemeal fashion, in the end it makes more sense–to us, at least (we understand if you might disagree)–that all the components of Loot 2.0 ship together, since they’re so closely connected and are ultimately intended to support and build off one another. This does mean more of a wait, which we know isn’t the perfect scenario for a lot of players, but it also means that, when Loot 2.0 does ship, it should be a much more fleshed out and complete experience than if various features were implemented on their own.

Totally reasonable question, but locking up this thread since there’s a lot of yelling. 🙁 If you want to recreate the conversation and keep things all civil-like, that’s totally welcome! Please feel free to post another thread (but I definitely recommend checking out these quick guidelines before you do:…opic/3074657442 ). (forrás)