Kezdőlap Hírek A legjobb Community Manager csapat

A legjobb Community Manager csapat


Guild Launch

A Guild Launch a világ egyik vezető játékközös közösségi platformja, melynek keretein belül a Blizzard nyerte a legjobb Community manager csapat díját a 2013 Dragon Slayer Awards keretében. A Guild Launch díjait és nevezéseit a közösség formálja, ennek köszönhetően több, mint 500.000 szavazatot számláltak valamennyi kategóriában. A CM csapat megköszönte a játékosok támogatását kék posztban és videóban egyaránt. A videót 10:28-hoz tekerve láthatjuk a nevezéseket és a köszönő beszédet.

Congratulations to the Blizzard Community Management team for winning this year’s Dragonslayer Award for “Top Community Management Team.” 
The Dragonslayer Awards are a prestigious award voted on by the player community (rather than industry insiders, like virtually all other awards in gaming.)
There’s more information here:…web11102712.htm
These CMs here put up with one of the most passionate (read: often hostile) communities in gaming. I think it’s awesome that, despite the unusual challenges these CMs here face (especially for Diablo 3), the Blizz CMs still came out on top when the players voted.

Good job, Blizz CM guys and gals! =)
Thanks for the kind words! It was really awesome for our team to be honored by such a community-driven award (for the second year in a row, to boot!), so thanks to to everyone who voted! 🙂

For anyone who’s curious, the award acceptance video is here and our section starts around 10 minutes and 26 seconds in.

(P.S. – I feel like my cat being in an awards acceptance video somehow wins the internet.)

So is the woman in front on the left that’s wearing a skin tight shirt part of the team or did you guys just throw her into the picture for some eye candy?
lol, sorry no offense (I don’t know all the CMs faces… or any for that matter), but her posture and pose just made her seem out of place 🙂
Every person in our section of video are members of the Community Development Department, and the woman you’re referring to on the far left is Zeriyah, one of the Community Managers for Hearthstone.

And under what name does that cat you are holding posts?
She won’t share her BattleTag with me, so I’m actually not sure. 😉 I suspect she plays a Monk when she’s not at the office with me.

It was Bashiok speaking.

Or Zarhym.

One of those two for sure.

Actually, it *might* have been Drysc. I’ll have to go back and look again. (forrás)