Kezdőlap Béta Karakterwipe és karbantartás az F&F bétában

Karakterwipe és karbantartás az F&F bétában


Az F&F bétát jelenleg lelőtték, mert hamarosan új patch érkezik rá és ezzel együtt a béta karaktereket is törlik. A karbantartás ideje kb. 24 óra.


Update 5:45 p.m. PDT: The Friends and Family beta has been brought offline for maintenance and to help prepare for our upcoming patch. We’re currently expecting at least 24 hours of downtime, but don’t have an exact ETA at the moment for when it will again be available.

At present, we anticipate that we’ll be keeping the beta offline until our patch and character wipe can be completed. This means that once the beta is brought back online, a new patch should be available and all beta characters should be wiped.

We apologize for the short notice and would like to thank everyone for their feedback thus far!