Kezdőlap Béta Affixek és CC

Affixek és CC


Nem csak a tárgyakat fogja változtatás érni a következő Béta/PTR patchben! A Thunderstorm nem fogja már “üldözni” célpontjait és kicsit könnyebben kikerülhető lesz, de ezért cserébe picikét nagyobb lesz a területi sebzés. Más affixek (Molten, Plagued, Frozen, Frozen Pulse) területei csökkentve lesznek ami szintén lehetővé teszi majd ezek elkerülését. A Poison Enchanted affix pedig kevesebbet fog sebezni a petekre-segítőkre így remélhetőleg nem instant halnak majd.

I appreciate the feedback in this thread. We’ve certainly gotten a lot on monster affixes in general, but the discussion occurring in here is much more focused and very helpful. I’ve been taking notes for sure! =)

Those CC affixes trigger from the unavoidable damage from things like vortex, wormhole, jailer, and thunderstorm (but especially thunderstorm).

I know this doesn’t completely address what’s being discussed here, but I thought it a good opportunity to share some of the upcoming changes for the Closed Beta and PTR, specifically on the Thunderstorm affix. The bolts generated by Thunderstorm will no longer “chase” targets, and subsequent bolts after the first will stay within the same general area. This should lend to making the affix a bit more avoidable, but be careful – the splash damage has been slightly increased to account for this change.

Many other affixes, such as Molten, Plagued, Frozen, and Frozen Pulse, have also had their target areas reduced, which again should allow players to more easily avoid some of these effects.

– Poison. Far, far too much damage in close quarters, and it should not instakill minions.

Poison Enchanted will also be doing reduced damage to pets, so you should see this result much less often.

This could be Blizz’s way to make you stack CC reduction on gear. :(

The intention isn’t to make you stack a particular stat – CC reduction is meant to be one of many choices in how you can handle an encounter. Is it really the only option, or do you feel like you can address the issue by using different abilities or different defensive stats? How do you currently handle these extremely difficult encounters when you experience them? (forrás)