Kezdőlap Béta RoS Beta január 2. hotfixek

RoS Beta január 2. hotfixek


Új év, újabb adag kisebb hotfix érkezett a RoS bétához, a Monk 1-2 skilljéhez, ill. apróbb változtatások, mint pl. Lorath Nahr már nem rendelkezik árulistával, vagy hogy craftoláskor lefagyott a server etc. :




  • Hellfire plans no longer cost Blood Shards and should now cost gold.
  • Monster density in Act I has been adjusted.
  • An issue where crafting certain items caused the server to crashed has been resolved.
  • Resolved an issue where the proc from Odyn Son could proc from itself.
  • Lorath Nahr no longer has a vendor list.
  • An error will no longer occur when crafting Archon items.
  • The combat AI for NPCs has received an optimization pass.


  • Nemesis Bracers: Bracers will now only generate a single pack of enemies when a shrine is triggered.


  • Serenity – Tranquility: An error will no longer occur when a player takes damage while Serenity – Tranquility is active.
  • Fists of Thunder – Static Charge: Will no longer incorrectly proc off of DoT damage.


  • Magic Missile – Conflagrate: Corrected an issue that would occasionally cause the game to crash.