Kezdőlap Hírek Új alternatív Hellfire Amulett

Új alternatív Hellfire Amulett


 John Yang tweetjében megemlítette, hogy a jövőben láthatunk pár alternatív megoldást is a Hellfire Amuletthez.

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Any plans to address the Hellfire Amulet, there is simply no alternative to it, who doesn’t want a free passive?

I think Hellfire Amulet being powerful is good for the game. One item slot where you farm mats, do ubers in a group, and craft.

Bonus: sometimes you get a great Hellfire amulet with a passive for another build, which may lead you to try that other build.

Also, there are some alternatives to Hellfire Amulet – e.g. Eye of Etlich, Flavor of Time, immunity amulets. Maybe more to come.