Kezdőlap Egyéb Blizzcon rövid hírek…

Blizzcon rövid hírek…


Blizzcon rövid híreink következnek:

  • Játszható Diablo 3 a Blizzcon 08 rendezvényen (megerősítve)
  • Új karakterosztály bemutatása
  • A Blizzardos Goodie bag fog tartalmazni Diablo 3-s ínyencséget is (lsd. utolsó kép)


“Fire rains from the skies over New Tristram, landing on the very site where the Lord of Terror was first unleashed decades ago. This dark omen may signal the return of a malevolent presence that has cast a long shadow over the world of Sanctuary. As the mortal realms once again hang in the balance, only a handful of champions rise to meet the coming darkness… out in the bleak corners of the world, where evil has arise once again.

Among these brave champions stands the enigmatic witch doctor, a spiritual warrior from deep within the Torajan jungles. At BlizzCon 2008, the witch doctor is yours to command for the first tim ever. Stop by the Diablo area on the show floor for your chance to lead this fierce new hero into the catacombs beneath the Tristram Cathedral.

While you're there, revisit the raw strength of the barbarian – a Diablo series classic – or try your hand at Sanctuary's newest champion, who will be revealed at the event.

If these gameplay offerings don't slake your enthusiasm for demon slaying, you might also want to attend the Diablo III panels, each of which is designed to give you a full behind-the-scenes look into the world of Sanctuary.

In the class-design panel, you'll learn about the personality and game mechanics of Sanctuary's new heroes. In the Diablo III gameplay panel, you'll get an in-depth look at the evolution of the Diablo series and find out how the gameplay and world design are being improved for this third installment. The lore and art panel will bring you up to speed on the story of our heroes and the current happenings in Sanctuary while providing insight into the game's style and art direction.

The time to make your stand against the Burning Hells draws nigh.”

Végül pedig néhány kép, az idei Blizzcon Bookletből:

Goodie Bag Diablo 3:

Végre valami izgalom, lehet találgatni melyik lesz az új class, amit bejelentenek. Várjuk tippeitek.


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