Kezdőlap Hírek Nephalem Valor Buff kérdések és válaszok

Nephalem Valor Buff kérdések és válaszok


Bashiok nem volt rest váalszolni néhány Nephalem Buffal kapcsolatos kérdésre.


  • A buff stackelhet (egy kezeden megszámolható érték lesz, még nem tudják mennyi)
  • A buff halál után is megmarad
  • A buff időtartama valahol 15 perc és 1 óra közt lesz
  • A buffra is ugyanazok a szabályok vonatkoznak, mint a MF és GF-re alapvetően, partyban osztódik.

When you say extra loot, do you mean, extra loot. Or do you mean extra loot that is on par with what elite/champs drop. I remember from the article before, bosses do not drop gear that is as good as champs/elites.
They will drop gear as good as champions and elites with this buff (because you have to kill champions and elites to get it, which was the point). With the buff active you’re guaranteed one extra item drop from the boss, and it’s likely that it’ll be 1 item per stack of the buff. Up to X stacks. We don’t know how many it’ll be, probably a handful.

How many stacks will there be if any?
We’re not totally sure but probably a number you can count on one hand.

Do you lose the buff when you die?
It lasts through death currently, and we like it. I know some people will also want it to be a punishment for death, but repair costs are already extremely impactful.

Does the buff splits between players?
Like someone joins after you’ve been killing and they have less stacks? It’s a direct increase to your MF/GF, so it uses the same mechanics.

Do you lose it on disconnect?
There’s a small grace period, similar to WoW where you can get back into the game before your character is actually logged out (ie a timeout), but yes if your character times out you would lose the buff.

What is the Time limit on the stack, if any?
We’re messing with times from about 15 minutes to an hour. We don’t know yet.

Do Stacks get removed after a boss?
We don’t really think it needs to. Your focus is still going to be seeking out champions and rares. If you want to get full stacks, kill a boss, and then try to rush to kill another boss before the buff falls off… have fun? It’s not going to be the most lucrative way to play, so it’s likely a non-issue hypothetical.