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A jövő héten lesz, egy Ask the Devs nevő chat, addig is néhány kék.

A fejlesztők tudják, hogy hatalmasak a sebzések a jelenlegi duelnél, de az is igaz, hogy az a build amiben PVE-en farmolsz nem alkalmas a PvP harcokra, de keresnek valami megoldást a sebzések csökkentésére, ami nem fogja befolyásolni a PVE környezetet.

This is very true, farming builds are not the most efficient for dueling and thus it is a very good idea to look into different more defensive builds.

That being said, we are considering some sort of damage reduction and we are looking into some possibilities on how we can do this without compromising the PvE gameplay. Dueling is not intended to be a core gameplay experience though, so we don’t want to create all kinds of extended systems or complex restrictions just to regulate and/or balance dueling. So if there is a chance that a potential change or adjustment will negatively impact PvE gameplay, then we will not implement it, so it is possible that only minor adjustments will be made in the end without big changes to the system.

Született egy kék a Multiboxról, ahol elmondják, hogy az, ha egy ember több kliensről futtat több karaktert, és 100%-ban ő irányítja őket, azzal nincs probléma.

This is a very tricky topic to address, because there are quite a few different approaches to multiboxing out there and only some of them goes against our Terms of Use.

It is an issue if and when multiboxing automates gameplay, but as long as the player who is multiboxing is the legitimate account holder on all the involved accounts, and as long as all the characters being played are 100% under the player’s control without any kind of automation involved, then we are okay with it.

Edit: Removing the air plane analogy, because looking at it in retrospect, I can see that it wasn’t really very accurate. Please look to my next response for further clarification:…82768?page=2#25

Again, the question of whether or not multiboxing is permitted is a very hard one to address.

You are free to play more than one character at the same time using more than one client at the same time, but each character must be played the same way you would play a single character normally in a single client. This means that one character must not react and perform actions automatically based on actions performed by another character. You can send commands and instructions to multiple characters at once, which is fine of course, as long as each action performed by each character is a result of direct player interaction and player choice.

Multiboxing characters must be controlled 100% by the player!

Edit: Edited the post for clarification purposes.

A fejlesztők elmondják, hogy a mobsűrűség javítása érdekében tett első lépések egyike az, hogy a Nephalem Valor átvihető az Actok között.

The First Step Towards More Act Play
In patch 1.0.7 Nephalem Valor will persist between Acts. This is just one of many possible features that should provide some incentive for some players to farm areas they normally don’t. I know I will personally see Act 4 a little more as a direct result, but we’re still seeing how it’s being received by players on the PTR before we have a good idea on how much it’s helping. That said, Nephalem Valor persisting through Acts is just one step, and there are still lots of options and ideas we are exploring to improve this part of the game.

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