Kezdőlap Hírek Paragon 2.0 kérdések és válaszok

Paragon 2.0 kérdések és válaszok


Vaeflare megválaszolt néhány nyitott kérdést a Paragon 2.0 rendszerével kapcsolatban, ezeket szeretném nektek összegezni:

  • Az Offensive, Defensive és Adventure kategóriák egyenként 200 ponttal kimaxolhatóak, ezek után pedig a további pontokkal azt tudjuk kezdeni, hogy a Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence és Vitality tulajdonságokat növeljük.
  • A tulajdonságokat bármeddig növelhetjük, nem lesz limit. A paragon pontokat természetesen bármikor újraoszthatjuk.
  • A paragon szint végtelenített lesz, persze nem csak a szintet tudjuk növelni, hanem az alap statokat ha már másra nem tudunk pontokat tenni.
  • A jelenlegi karakter paragon szintezés spekulációra vonatkozóan: egy karakterünk ha eléri most a plvl 100-at, hiába játszunk vele tovább, nem tud több xp-t szerezni így csak a 100 szintnyi tapasztalati pontja lesz az amit az osztott paragon rendszer átszámít neki.
  • Több paragon 100-as karater esetén minden egyes karakter tapasztalati pontjai számítanak, tehát “megéri” több plvl 100-as karaktert csinálni.
  • A paragon 2.0 szintezési görbéje még mindig fejlesztés alatt áll, ezért nem lehet tudni róla semmit.
  • Valószínűleg a konzolos verzióban is lesz paragon 2.0

Apologies if this has been asked and answered. Have only heard speculation so far. Any chance of getting info on what will happen when we reach a new paragon level but have maxed out categories to allocate points? Thanks!
The Paragon 2.0 system is still under development, but there are currently four different categories for players to allocate their Paragon points into: Core Stats, Offensive, Defensive, and Adventure.

Three out of the four categories (Offensive, Defensive, and Adventure) can be maxed out if you put a total of 200 points into each of those categories. Any excess Paragon levels earned after these categories have been maxed out will still grant a Paragon point, but you will only be able to spend these excess points in the Core Stat category. The Core Stat category will allow you to choose between added Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Vitality.

No cap on attributes, nice. Any word as to if they can be reallocated?
They can indeed! Players will be able to re-spec their Paragon points at any time. 🙂 (forrás)

Just returning to the forums after hearing rmah closing later on and wanted to ask what is the plan for paragon levels come xpac? Did Blizz specify?
I’m going to move this thread on over to the Reaper of Souls Discussion forum since it’s more appropriate there. 🙂

Paragon 2.0 is still under development, but in its current implementation all Normal characters on an account will share one combined Paragon level, and all Hardcore characters will share a separate overall Paragon level.

Rather than capping out at Paragon level 100, you’ll instead be able to earn as many Paragon levels as you please, and rather than earning the innate bonuses granted by Paragon levels, you’ll instead earn Paragon Points each time you level up. You’ll be able to spend and respecc these points however you like in order to boost up various stats in four different categories: Core Stats, Offensive, Defensive, and Adventure.  (forrás)

I’ve seen a lot of speculation/infos on paragon 2.0 patch and there’s one thing I’d really like to know if someone got an answer to it. According to a post from a bliz member I saw in another thread (can’t find where since it was quite some time ago), paragon player 100 will be rewarded according to the time they spent playing. Does that mean that if I am paragon 100 and I keep farming with this account, I can still accumulate the overall experience points for my account?

Well the actual question I really want answered is : Do I have to create multiple duplicate characters and level them to gain benefits on the overall paragon level patch coming, or can I keep playing my main character that is already paragon 100 and still get the benefits of the experience I will gain?

Any answer would suit me, but I really like playing my barbarian and I’d like to know if I need to create another one like everyone or should I keep using my main.

Thanks to anyone that has an answer!
Else, have fun and keep playing!
We’re still working out some of the finer details regarding Paragon 2.0, but our intention is to remove the cap on Paragon levels, so after Paragon 2.0 is implemented, you can continue playing and leveling up your Barbarian if that’s what suits you.

In the meantime, the highest amount of “stored” Paragon experience you can have for one character is the current cap, which is Paragon level 100.

(Edited the last sentence for clarity.)

So the following quote means that having two level 100 paragons was a waste =/
Not at all. With the way the system works right now, we’ll first start by adding up Paragon experience across all your heroes of specific type. That cumulative experience will then be applied to the new Paragon leveling curve to determine what your Shared Paragon level will be. Depending on how many characters you have and what Paragon levels they are at the time Paragon 2.0 goes live, it’s definitely possible that your Shared Paragon level will be above 100 (remember that we’re removing the cap on Paragon at the same time). So, a player with 2 or 3 p100 characters will certainly be farther along than, say, a player with only 1 or 0.

(Note that Shared Paragon levels are broken down by game type, though. By this I mean that all of your Normal characters will share a unified Paragon level and all of your Hardcore characters will share a unified Paragon level.)

* In case someone asks, the experience curve for Paragon 2.0 is still under development, so I can’t give you an exact conversion just yet.

The original post to which Vaeflare is responding clearly asks whether or not experience will continue to accumulate on a P100 character. It will not. However, there have been several blue posts which clearly state that the total amount of paragon experience on your account will be used to calculate your account-wide paragon level – which means that having 2x P100 characters will grant you a paragon level somewhere above P100 when the new system is introduced.
Correct. The questions was “if I am paragon 100 and I keep farming with this account, [can I] still accumulate the overall experience points for my account?” The answer is no. At present, once characters reach Paragon 100, they will no longer continue to accrue Paragon experience.

Sorry for the confusion! As a side note, Travis Day went into Paragon 2.0 details and philosophy a little more here, if you’re curious:…ic/9882180012#9

Without being shot down by ” Ugnnn pc is better, you suck’, Are these changes likely to happen on the console versions?
Still TBD. Similar to the answer we give whenever asked “Will you bring ‘X’ from the console to PC?” the same applies when considering whether or not we will bring PC features to console. If it makes sense for that particular platform, will benefit the gameplay, and can actually be translated over in a seamless way, then yes. If not, then no. (Generally speaking.)

But to answer your question directly: We’d love to eventually bring Reaper of Souls and related changes to console. I don’t have any details to share beyond that (I mean, we just shipped Diablo III on the PS3 and Xbox 360 this month), but it’s definitely a goal. 🙂

Thank you for the clarification.
Mah pleasure! (forrás)