Kezdőlap Fanart Aural Axiom epic muzsikája

Aural Axiom epic muzsikája


Aural Axiom nevű youtube felhasználó (Ryan Thomas) varázslatos muzsikát készített a Blizzard játékainak tiszteletére. Azt kell mondjam ez igen komoly darab lett és a videó alatt lévő képek váltásával is összhangban van. A zene virtuális hangszerekkel készült és Logic Pro 9 nevű programmal lett masterelve.

[youtube jSd5kZMj5go 600 350]

Games can teleport us to exotic places, but they can also inspire us to connect with the game and the community in other ways, such as throughart, cosplay, or even song. Producing these works of art is no easy task, and we’re continually amazed by the creativity of our talented community.

This Artisan Showcase transports our listeners through the worlds of Diablo, Warcraft, and Starcraft by virtue of an original orchestral composition by Aural Axiom. After being inspired by a session of Diablo III, he wrote this epic tune and transformed it into a video entitled “Machines of War: A Musical Tribute to Blizzard.” So sit back, and go on an audio journey through the ages with Aural Axiom as your guide!

Eager to hear more from Aural Axiom? Check out his official page on YouTube for other orchestral tracks!

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