Kezdőlap Béta Lylirra a Legendary droprate-ről

Lylirra a Legendary droprate-ről


A felhasználói visszajelzések alapján Lylirra tiszta vizet önt a pohárba és értelmesen elmagyarázza mi a helyzet a mostani Legendary droprate háza táján:

  • Az alap legendary droprate változatlan maradt (olyan, mint az előző béta patchben)
  • Az erősebb legendary tárgyak drop esélye csökkentve lett, így nehezebb hozzájuk jutni, mint más legendarykhoz.
  • Az erősebb legendarykat nem csak torment fokozaton lehet megszerezni, hanem alacsonyabbakon is.
  • Az “erősebb” legendaryk alatt erősebb effektekkel bíró tárgyakat értünk.
  • Kadala, a Blood Shard vendor is “adhat” legendary itemet, de nem Torment szintűt.

Mindezt persze még változtatják a játékosok visszajelzései alapján.


Let me clear this up a bit, because I think this is interpreting too much from an individual patch note.

The drop rate on specific Legendaries, ones with exceptionally powerful abilities, were lowered. The overall drop rate of Legendaries has stayed the same.

The reason for this is that Legendaries are now accessible through the Blood Shard vendor (purchases have a chance to give you a Legendary item). This is a pretty significant change, and we’d like to see how this interacts with drop rates and acquisition before we tweak numbers elsewhere.

Is it not also the case that the blood shard vendor cannot drop higher tier legendary items, such as the more powerful ones you guys lowered the drop rates on further? Or can the vendor drop every legendary in the game?

While Kadala cannot produce Torment level Legendaries, don’t interpret “more powerful” as specifically meaning Torment level. While I see that jump in conclusion, it’s not an accurate statement. By “more powerful,” we’re referring to items that have particularly strong effects. That’s not exclusive to Torment level Legendaries.

It also further reinforces “bag farming” in normal as an easy way to get blood shards to gamble with and bags for legendary drops.

We’re definitely watching for feedback on reward structure, and making sure that higher difficulties feel more rewarding. Not all the changes we have in mind to enforce this were able to make it into this patch, but it’s a concern and we’re keeping an eye on it. (forrás)


How come thats the fact when almost everybody including blues agreed the droprates where to low, and now they are even lower?

The overall drop rate of Legendaries has not been changed, and is thus the same as before. Granted, the drop rates on some specific Legendaries with really powerful abilities were lowered though, which was done because said Legendaries are now accessible through the Blood Shard vendor.

The drop rates that we currently have is probably not final and will most likely be changed until release so just relax and don’t complain about things like this when we’re still in beta

Complaints do not help much indeed, but constructive feedback does. The line betweeen complaints and constructive feedback is not always easy to identify though, but that is okay as long as the feedback is objective 🙂

We are still testing and tuning the drop rates and the reward structure, so we are looking for feedback on this. To those of you who are concerned about the drop rates, could you tell us a little more about why you think the drop rates are not what they should be? Also, what would be a decent drop rate in your opinion? (forrás)