Kezdőlap Hírek Legendary droprate: Nerf vagy sem?

Legendary droprate: Nerf vagy sem?


A hivatalos fórumon egyre többen kezdtek el gyanakodni arra, hogy hiába állítja a Blizzard, hogy az évfordulós buff eltűnése után is meghagyták az emelt dropratet, mégsem ez az igazság: állításuk szerint egyre kevesebb legendary lootot kapnak. a gyanúsítgatásra Nevalistis válasza hosszú de egyértelmű volt. Állítása szerint a visszajelzések alapján többször is tesztelték a dolgot (mivel akár a játékosok visszajelzései alapján valamiféle játékbeli hiba is állhatott volna a dolgok mögött) de a tesztek kimutatásai alapján tökéletesen működik a loot, nincsen semmi gond vele. Újra felhozta az RNG-re vonatkozó mentális dolgokat, amiben persze akár igaza is lehet. Mivel a Blizzard részéről utánajárt és több tesztet is futtatott az esetre, ezért az egész elmélet destruktív és hamis. Ez a Blizzard hivatalos álláspontja tehát az ügyben. A topikot így zárolták is és felhívták a figyelmet arra, hogy ha bármilyen problémát ismételten észrevesznek a játékosok, akár Lylirrát is kereshetjük e-mailben:


They are trying to deliberately discredit people who challenge the validity of anything they we are told.

This is a rather bold assumption. We are attempting to avoid a situation where a rumor rampages out of control and becomes community “truth.” In this case, we have investigated multiple times into drop rates to make sure they are working as they should. We have tested and retested. The results have come back consistently in each instance – drop rates are where they are supposed to be, and haven’t been changed since the implementation of the Community Buff for the 2nd Anniversary. Each time we post regarding misinformation being spread, we are as certain as we can be that this is the case.

Are you really going to come on here and say that there is not and has never been any bugs/faulty programming in the game?

Not at all! But we do check and recheck things when community concerns are brought up or reports come in consistently. That’s not the case here – rather, the occasional string of bad luck comes up and these types of posts come in waves. The reports we’ve received on drop rates are inconsistent, and our testing results and internal drop rate numbers contradict the suggested pattern.

RNG, being inherently random in nature and definition, is something that’s easy to mistake as working inconsistently. That’s the nature of the beast. What I can do is reassure you that we’ve done everything we can (and more) on our end to make sure it’s working the way it should.

Especially when you have knee jerk reactions to people having fun and you nerf something by saying it was a bug?

That’s a pretty unfair statement. Any change made is in the interest of the game’s health in the long term, whether it’s a bug fix or a balance change. We carefully weigh the benefits and detriments to such changes, and while some do result in a reduction of power, it’s a byproduct of fixing something that is working against its original intent.

Everyone loves to smash face and feel powerful – but without a little control, we can inadvertantly severely restrict growth of power in the future. We want to provide additional content down the road, and if a single skill or item upsets the balance of everything else available, it substantially changes the way we develop that content. Instead of balancing everything in the future around a single outlier, it’s more appropriate to bring that outlier back into balance with other aspects of the game.

You’re welcome to provide constructive feedback regarding changes, or raise your concerns regarding whether or not something is working as it should. That isn’t something we’re trying to take away. However, in this case, we’ve done our leg work, and I’ve shared that information.

That said, this is a pretty unproductive conversation with little productive discourse, so I’ll be locking this thread. If you’d like to send us your feedback regarding moderation practices, you’re welcome to do so directly to – she’s our manager, and will be happy to review your concerns.