Kezdőlap Hírek Petekre vonatkozó fejlesztések a 2.1-ben

Petekre vonatkozó fejlesztések a 2.1-ben


“Érdemes megtartani az Immortal Kings set darabjait!” – Közölte velünk Grimiku kék posztjában, amiben kifejtette, hogy a 2.1-es javítócsomagban a Call of the Ancients is jelentős fejlesztéseken megy majd keresztül: a barbárok nem állnak meg majd teszetoszán, ha van mellettük aprításra váró ellenfél és a skill tooltipjéhez hűen fogják használni a másodlagos képességeiket is. Összegezve a következő fejlesztéseket várhatják a házi kedvenceket tartó gazdák:


We’re planning to make several bug fixes to Call of the Ancients in patch 2.1 that should address some of the concerns we’ve seen players reporting with the skill. So, make sure you keep a hold of that Immortal Kings set!

– The Ancients should no longer sometimes stand idle when they have foes they could be clobbering instead.
– The Ancients should now use their secondary abilities as indicated on the tooltip.

Again, these bug fixes are currently expected to arrive with patch 2.1, but we don’t have an estimate to share for the date of that patch at this time. Thanks for all of the reports!

I find that the idle thing happens often with WD pets too. Mostly the Zombie dog w/ tall mans finger and Gargantuan

I did some digging and found out that these changes will update multiple pets, and not just Call of the Ancients. I’ll go over what those changes are, and what pets it should affect. I also want to emphasize that we don’t have an estimate to share for when we expect patch 2.1, but we’re definitely working on it and are looking to provide a PTR.

  • We’re making a number improvements to the AI of several pets
  • We’re also fixing a number of issues that sometimes prevented some pets from attacking nearby enemies, or caused them to stand still and stop attacking their current target
    • Pets affected by these changes should include:
      • Call of the Ancients
      • Companion
      • Fetish Army
      • Gargantuan
      • Mystic Ally
      • Phalanx
      • Zombie Dogs

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