Kezdőlap Hírek Megszűnik a Crushing Blow

Megszűnik a Crushing Blow


Megszűnik a Diablo 2-ből ismert, de a Diablo 3-ban kevés helyen alkalmazott (1-2 set item, Skill pl. Exploding Palm) Crushing Blow effekt, mely a szörnyek életerejét %-s alapon csökkentette.


Furnace and Rimeheart Changes

As some of you are aware, we made a changes to a few items so that their damage no longer scales with monster health. The most recent changes in line with this philosophy were made to the Legendary items Rimeheart and the Furnace:


  • Has been redesigned
  • 10% chance to instantly deal 1800-2400% weapon damage as Cold to Frozen enemies
  • Formerly: 10% chance to shatter and instantly kill lesser enemies that are Frozen.

The Furnace

  • Has been redesigned
  • Increases damage against elites by 40-50%
  • Formerly: Dealing damage has a chance to deal (6-8)% of the enemy’s current health as Fire damage.

As noted above, the primary goal of these changes was to remove their Crushing Blow mechanics. From there, our secondary goal was to rebalance both items so that they would remain compelling choices for players, but not necessarily be best in slot.

In the case of The Furnace, the redesign is aimed to keep the item in line with one of its primary uses on live to kill bosses. In the case of Rimeheart, the chance on hitting a Frozen enemy with a lot of Cold damage was kept, and the additional tuning is intended to allow Rimeheart to remain competitive with the current best Legendary 1-Handers in the game. With that goal in mind, we do agree Rimeheart’s current damage on the PTR is a little low and are looking to increase its damage in the next PTR patch.