Kezdőlap Hírek Megjöttek a hotfixek, vele együtt Era 8 Leaderboard törlés is jött

Megjöttek a hotfixek, vele együtt Era 8 Leaderboard törlés is jött


Megjöttek a várva várt hotfixek, valamint vele együtt törölték az Era 8 leaderboardokat is:


  • A Grace of Inarius set 6-s set bónusza túl gyakran aktiválódott a Miranae leg. gem, ill. más on hit alapú legendarykkal, ezt javították.


  • Javították azt a hibát, hogy bizonyos necromanta only itemeket más classok is használhatnak.


  • Hellcat Waistguard item egynél többször is eshet most már.


  • Bones of Rathma 6-s set bónusz változtatásra került, az eddig 250% dmg bonus miniokra és Land of the Deadre/Skeletal Mage helyett, már 650%/Skeletal Mage lett, továbbra is maradt összesen 2500% sebzésbónusz. így már csak 4-t kell leidézni a max. bónuszhoz a korábbi 10 helyett. A maximálisan egyszerre lent lehető Skeletal Magek számán nem változtattak a fejlesztők.


  • Javították a Demon Hunter Marked for Death Grim Reaper rúnáját is, mely Frailty hatására rosszul szórta szét a sebzést.

During the beta for Patch 2.6.0, we anticipated that various bugs would surface. Thanks to efforts from our players and our own QA team, supported by a long beta cycle, we were able to catch the vast majority of these.
Even so, we anticipated that some bugs would make it into the live game, so we prepared a few safety nets:

End the previous Era before the patch went live to preserve everyone’s hard work in that Era’s leaderboards
Delay the start of Season 11 to provide ample time to fix issues that pop up post-patch launch
With recent reports from players, we have since verified and prepared hotfixes for the remaining issues which would impact the upcoming Season 11 leaderboards. Unfortunately, some of these have affected the new Era leaderboards which began last Tuesday. As such, we will be wiping these leaderboards to provide a clean slate for everyone that is hopefully bug-free.

Additionally, we have been looking at underperforming items including Set items, and will adjust these accordingly. This includes a change to the Bones of Rathma six-piece set bonus based on player feedback. With this, players will only need to have four Skeletal Mages active to receive the full 2500% damage bonus. You can still summon up to ten mages at a time.

We care about the integrity of the Leaderboards and will continue to make changes as needed to ensure that the upcoming Season provides a fun and memorable experience for everyone. Thanks for your understanding, and we’ll see you in S11.9

Fixed an issue which caused the six-piece bonus on the Grace of Inarius set to proc the effect of Mirinae and other on-hit effects too frequently (7/7)
Adjusted the Bones of Rathma six-piece set bonus based on player feedsback (7/7)
The six-piece bonus will now grant 625% (up from 250%) damage to your minions and Army of the Dead skill for each active Skeletal Mage with a total cap of 2500%. With this, players will only need to summon four (down from ten) Skeletal Mages to receive the full six-piece set bonus. Additional Skeletal Mages can still be summoned to attack your enemies, but aren’t needed to maintain the bonus. This makes maintaining the bonus less time consuming and allows damage to ramp up more quickly at the start of combat. The total number of Skeletal Mages that can be active at a time is unchanged (ten). (7/7)
Enabled the item Hellcat Waistguard to begin dropping once more (7/7)
Fixed an issue which allowed certain Necromancer Legendary items to be equipped by non-Necromancer classes (7/7)

Fixed an issue where Marked for Death with the Grim Reaper rune was incorrectly spreading the damage from the skill Frailty (7/7)