Kezdőlap Hírek 1.0.8 hivatalos Patch Note

1.0.8 hivatalos Patch Note


Íme a hivatalos 1.0.8 Patch Note, ezek szerint nem nagyon valószínű, hanem biztos, hogy holnap jön.


Diablo III Patch 1.0.8 – v.


Players can now identify all items in their inventory by speaking to Deckard Cain or by using the Book of Cain that can be found near the shared stash in all Acts

The cooldown incurred by changing skills outside of town on Inferno difficulty has been reduced to 30 seconds (down from 60 seconds)

The bonus experience granted by Enlightened shrines is now also calculated multiplicatively

The Magic and Gold Find granted by Fortune shrines can now exceed the 300% cap

There is now an option in Video Settings to lock the cursor to the window when in fullscreen windowed mode, if Diablo III is the active window

Multiplayer Co-Op

Players now receive a 10% bonus to Magic Find, Gold Find, and Experience per additional player in a multiplayer game, up to a maximum of 30% in a four-player game
The Magic Find and Gold Find bonuses can exceed their respective 300% caps
The Experience bonus can stack with other bonuses from items and Monster Power (the bonuses will stack multiplicatively)
A notification is now sent to all players in a multiplayer game whenever a party member engages an Elite monster or Treasure Goblin in combat, and their location will be shown on the mini-map
In addition to this, an icon will also appear over player banners in town to indicate if they’re in combat with a monster, Elite monster, or Treasure Goblin


Bug Fixes


The “Massive Blow” achievement should once again be obtainable
The “Fallen Angel” achievement now only requires the player to kill Izual within 120 seconds


The “Bashanishu” achievement no longer requires the player to use Basic Attack to complete it
The “Hero’s New Clothes” achievement no longer requires the player to deliver the fatal blow to meet the criteria
Fixed a bug that prevented monsters killed by a follower or pet, before being attacked by a player, from counting toward achievement criteria

Auction House


The stack size for gold sales on the auction house has been increased from 1 million to 10 million
User Interface

Tooltips in the Auction House will now show an item comparison for a player’s currently selected character
Players will now be able to search for games that were started on any quest once they have reached level cap
Matchmaking “Tags” have been added

In addition to selecting your Difficulty, Monster Power, and Quest, players will also be able to choose from the following tags when searching for Public Games: Monster Slaying, Brawling, and Key Warden

Note: When the Brawling tag is selected, your Monster Power selection will not be taken into account


Players can now add a note about a friend by right-clicking the name in their Friends List
Players can now enter a message that will be broadcast to their friends
Players can now create multi-user conversations
There are multiple ways to start a conversation or invite other players to an existing conversation:
To start a conversation, open Public Chat Options, then select Invite Friends > Start Conversation or use the “Start a Conversation” option in the Social window by right-clicking on a friend’s name
To invite or add friends to an existing conversation, open Public Chat Options, then select Invite Friends or use the “Invite to a Conversation” option in the Social window by right clicking a friend’s name and selecting the desired conversation
Similar to public channels, private conversations can support up to 99 players
A new section has been added to the friends list called “Players Near You”

Any player who is on your local network will be displayed here (even if they’re not currently your friend)
If needed, this feature can be disabled from the Social Options of the Game menu


Players may now be marked as a “Party Guide”

The Party Guide is assigned to the first person who joins a Public Game
If multiple characters join a Public Game at the same time, the game will choose the hero with the highest level or Paragon level to be Party Guide

When a Party Guide leaves the Public Game, a new one will be chosen automatically
Alternatively, the Party Guide can right click on a party member’s portrait and pass them the Party Guide title

The Party Guide will have a unique icon that will appear on the mini-map

Names in your “Recent Players” list will now expire if they become older than a month
Blocked players will no longer appear in your “Recent Players” list

Bug Fixes
Skeleton King

The Skeleton King and The King of the Dead will now play an animation when performing their Whirlwind attack

Active Skills

War Cry
Skill Rune – Invigorate

Now regenerates 620 life per second (up from 310)

Passive Skills
Inspiring Presence

Now affects all party members

Bug Fixes
The sound that plays whenever a Barbarian’s Overpower ability comes off cooldown is no longer similar to a

Legendary item dropping

Male Barbarians no longer run faster than the other heroes while feared

Demon Hunter

Active Skills


Skill Rune – Boar Companion

Now regenerates 310 life per second (up from 155)

Rapid Fire
Base weapon damage increased from 276% to 438%

Hatred cost while channeling has been reduced from to 6 (down from 10)

Skill Rune – Bombardment

Weapon damage increased from 345% to 414%
Explosion radius increased to 8 yards (up from 4)

Skill Rune – Fire Support

Weapon damage of Homing Rockets increased from 35% to 145%

Skill Rune – Withering Fire

Now reduces the initial Hatred cost to 10 (up from 5)


Skill Rune – Aid Station

Now heals nearby allies for 2% of max life per second (up from 1%)

Passive Skills

Now regenerates 2% of maximum life per second (up from 1%)

Active Skills

Mantra of Healing

Now causes party members to regenerate 620 life per second (up from 310)

Skill Rune – Sustenance
Now increases Mantra of Healing’s life regeneration to 1240 per second (up from 620)

Passive Skills

Guiding Light

Damage bonus increased from 16% to 20%

Witch Doctor

Active Skills


Now has a larger initial cost but a much lower continual cost while channeling
Base weapon damage increased from 180% to 385%

Skill Rune – Cloud of Bats
Initial damage increased from 234% to 500% weapon damage

Skill Rune – Plague Bats
Maximum damage increased from 270% to 578% weapon damage

Passive Skills
Blood Ritual

Now regenerates 2% of maximum life per second (up from 1%)

Active Skills
Arcane Torrent

Base weapon damage increased from 210% to 285%

Skill Rune – Arcane Mines

Weapon damage increased from 180% to 340%

Skill Rune – Cascade
Weapon damage of bonus missiles increased from 210% to 285%

The duration of Archon should now be extended by assists from players in multiplayer games, in addition to kills

Base weapon damage increased from 170% to 220%

Skill Rune – Entropy
Weapon damage increased from 196% to 253%

Skill Rune – Intensify
Maximum damage increased from 221% to 286% weapon damage


Skill Rune – Vigoron

Now regenerates 620 life per second (up from 310)

Ray of Frost

Base weapon damage increased from 215% to 280%

Skill Rune – Black Ice
Ice patch weapon damage increased from 387% to 504%

Skill Rune – Sleet Storm
Weapon damage increased from 280% to 364%

Skill Rune – Snow Blast
Maximum damage increased from 280% to 364% weapon damage


Players may now Teleport to any location within range, as long as a path is available

Passive Skills

Galvanizing Ward

Now regenerates 620 life per second (up from 310)


Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug causing Teleport – Safe Passage to only reduce damage from physical attacks



Players can now queue up multiple items and gems at a time to be crafted, so long as they possess the necessary materials

Players can now craft items using materials located in the shared stash



Salvaged item information will no longer be displayed in the chat log
Players can now disable the confirmation dialog when salvaging items of Rare quality

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug preventing players from salvaging an item by dragging it onto the Blacksmith’s anvil icon






Now regenerates 310 life per second (up from 155)



Players should now encounter more monsters in Acts I, II, and IV in Inferno difficulty when playing at Monster Power 1 or greater

In multiplayer games, the increase in monster hit points per additional player has been reduced to 50% (down from 70%)

The damage dealt by the fire pool left by Blazing Guardian attacks has been reduced by 50%, but it’s minimum damage has been increased

Poison damage dealt by Brood Hatchlings has been reduced by 40%

Damage dealt by Tormented Stingers has been reduced by 75%

The health of normal Spiderlings has been reduced by approximately 68%

The health of Elite Spiderlings has been reduced by approximately:
4.5% for Champions
3% for Rares
9% for Rare minions

The following monsters have their experience and chance to drop loot modified to better align with their hit points:

Accursed, Betrayed, Bile Crawlers, Blazing Guardians, Blazing Ghouls Brood Hatchlings, Cavern Spiders, Charged Constructs, Chilling Constructs, Crazed Cultists, Crazed Summoners, Dark Conjurers, Dark Cultists, Dark Moon Clan Impalers, Dark Summoners, Dark Zealots, Deranged Cultists, Doom Wraiths, Dust Shamblers, Enraged Zealots, Fallen, Fallen Grunts, Fallen Peons, Fallen Soldiers, Foul Conjurers , Frost Guardians, Ghouls, Hungry Corpses, Moon Clan Impalers, Murderous Fiends, Noxious Guardians, Ravenous Dead, Retching Cadavers, Reviled, Savage Fiends, Spiderlings, Shade Stalkers, Shadow Vermin, Shock Guardians, Skeletal Crawlers, Smoldering Constructs, Spine Lashers Stygian Crawlers, Tormented Stingers, Toxic Constructs, and Vicious Ghouls

Nekarat the Keywarden now has a chance to drop a random Key (of Destruction, Hate, or Terror) in addition to the Infernal Machine plans
All Keywardens will now only appear in Inferno difficulty


Bug Fixes
Monsters with the Avenger affix now correctly gain +25% damage each time a monster in their pack dies
Monsters with the Vampiric affix now correctly heal for 200% of their damage done in all difficulties


Experience earned by completing a quest is now granted to players that have reached the level cap


User Interface
A maximum of eight buffs and debuffs will now be displayed on the UI
The maximum number of debuffs that will be displayed is three


Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug preventing damage numbers from being displayed if a monster was affected by a spell such as Hex.