Kezdőlap Hírek Wanted Poszterek Daniel Barras-tól

Wanted Poszterek Daniel Barras-tól

Bár az uborkaszezonban nincs túl sok új hír, azért néha történnek érdekes dolgok. Daniel Barras például készített két tucat körözési plakátot a Diablo III-ban fellelhető ellenfelekről és tárgyakról. A posztereken figyelemfelkeltő szöveg tájékoztat minket az ellenfelek képességeiről és némi lore infót is hordoznak. Aki kíváncsi Daniel további alkotásaira, látogasson el a Deviantart oldalára.
There are a wide array of beasts and unseen terrors that roam the depths of Sanctuary, and even the most stalwart hero is wise to be cautious when adventuring alone, or even in the company of fellow Nephalem.Luckily, for them, one artist has carefully scoured the globe to search out information on these fearsome foes, and he’s taken some time to create nearly two dozen “Wanted” posters which serve as warnings to the denizens of Kehjistan and beyond on what horrors await them on their journey.

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This Artisan Showcase shares the work of Daniel Barras and his wide range of Diablo III “Wanted” posters.

Daniel has done a fantastic job capturing some of the varied faces you might encounter when playing Diablo III and their accompanying lore and abilities. You might be surprised by what they look like up-close. Did you know the fiersome Odeg the Keywarden has two heads? Or that Treasure Goblins are pretty ripped from carrying around all that treasure all the time?

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You’d best keep a wary eye out for these cunning personalities!

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Want to see more of Daniel’s Diablo III “Wanted” posters and wallpapers? Make sure to check out his gallery on DeviantART, and check out even more of his work in this thread in the Community Creations forum!

What are some of your favorite “Wanted” posters he’s made, and what new ones would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below!